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Mission Statement

At Newco Grain Exchange, our goal is to help feed the world by being a leader in the use of the resources at the disposal of Prairie agriculture.  Through the creative use of these resources we strive to maximize economic value to all our stakeholders.  We will accomplish this goal by surrounding ourselves with the best employees, suppliers, consumers, and support personnel available.  We pursue these goals for the good of our neighbors across the street and around the world.


Agriculture is a resource industry, including people, land, information, and technology. We believe we can steward these resources responsibly, in a way that will enhance their value while also sustaining our lives.
Agriculture is changing and influence and profits both lie in front of the curve. We are committed to guiding agriculture in a morally responsible and economically sustainable direction for the good of our generation and many generations to come.
Maintaining a responsible and sustainable vision in the changing agricultural landscape requires creativity. Creativity is the ability to add value, bringing two or more things together in such a way that their sum becomes more than the total of the parts. Creativity requires vision, innovation, skill, and imagination.
Many people think of economics as a zero-sum game, where somebody’s gain must come at another person’s loss. We believe that economics creates new wealth by adding human activity to natural resources. We buy and sell grain that is grown well, stored carefully, consumed responsibly, and delivered and paid for on time.
People are the heart of everything we do. We strive to be people of character who want to serve people of character, together forming a continuous value chain that is characterized by intelligence, trustworthiness, diligence, creativity, and humility.

Helping Others

Here are some of the organizations we support and recommend.  If you have any questions regarding anything you see on this page, go ahead and ask!



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