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Our value proposition

Newco Grain Exchange strives to help its customers market their grain in a timely manner, for competitive prices, and within an atmosphere of respect and trust.

Newco’s Transaction Process

  1. Our transaction begins when you connect with one of our grain buyers on the phone, by email, or by messaging us on Facebook.  We find out about your grain, and then we negotiate a price, delivery, and payment terms based on the variety of bids we have from our network of buyers.
  2. If we come to terms on price, delivery, and payment details, then we will send you a grain contract confirming the terms of the verbal agreement between ourselves, acting on behalf of our buyers, and your farm business.
  3. The buyer indicated on the grain contract may or may not require you to sign a contract directly with themselves in recognition of your commitment to them.
  4. Following this contract process, delivery of grain and settlement will take place as agreed.
  5. If you ever have any questions regarding some aspect of the transaction at any time, you are free to call our office to follow up.  Our aim is to provide a service that adds financial and personal value to your farm business.